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The Block Advisors story.

Block Advisors was founded with the mission to serve small businesses. After decades of helping small businesses with taxes, H&R Block, the tax industry leader, saw the need to give advanced support to small businesses — the backbone of the American economy. And so, part of our existence is ensuring they succeed.

Today we’re proud to help more than two million small businesses with taxes every year and have experienced their challenges first-hand.

With nearly 8,000 offices nationwide, we have small business certified tax pros and bookkeeping and payroll specialists in neighborhoods ready to help businesses with tax and operational needs. Our goal is to lighten the stress clients experience as they build and run their businesses.


  • Jessica Kelley, Block Advisors Manager, Tax Analyst
  • Keith Andrews, CPA, EA
  • Katrina Andrews, EA
  • Cliff Allen, Account Manager
  • Melanie Payne, Tax Advisor